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Welcome To Time Management Programme

Welcome to the Time Management programme. If you are looking to have a structure in your life, and create a discipline to be punctual and on time- then this programme is for you. 

Time creates an order for everything in your life. The commitments you make in your relationships, the responsibilities you have in your career and livelihood, the bills that are due to be paid, the plans you make. Everything has a time and date. If you find yourself struggling to be on time to things, make promises to others, and feel you are always running out of time – then this programme will help get you back on track. 

Within this programme, you will find proven-to-work information and resources that you will need for effective time management skills. Go through this programme, and stay consistent with the exercises and you will see effective results. 

This habit-based coaching program will help your clients truly understand how important their habits are to achieving a healthy and lean body while showing them the essential nutrition and lifestyle habits they need to put in place and follow through with every day. In this program there is no mention of calories or complicated nutrition plans – it’s all about making small yet high impact habit changes.

This program is perfect for beginner (level 1) and developing clients (level 2). Many clients are just getting started on improving their nutrition and lifestyle, so don’t need customization information just yet, so here we will outline the basics first and leave the individualisation for later. Even those who consider themselves advanced would do well to review the basics first, even if just as a refresher.

It is recommended that each habit challenge is conducted for at least 2 weeks. There is a total of 11 habit challenges available in this program, giving a total duration of 22 weeks.

  • Time Management Blueprint (6-step process for clients to follow).
  • 5 Time Management challenges
  • Template exercises for the clients to fill out

Programme Blueprint

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